1 March 2001

Position: Manager, halibut hatchery/nursery operation, Nova Scotia, Canada

The necessity and sustainable feeding schedule of artemia nauplii for larval mud crab

sustainable dietary levels of epa and dha for larval mud crab during artemia feeding period

a review of studies on the effect of dietary n-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids on larval swimming crab portunus trituberculatus and mud crab scylla transquebarica

methionine requirement of juvenile japanese flounder paralichthys olivaceus

effect of thyroid hormones on the stage-specific pigmentation on the japanese flounder paralichthys olivaceus

lipid class distribution of highly unsaturated long chain fatty acids in marine dinoflagellates

effects of salinity on egg and early larval characteristics of the black porgy acanthopagrus schlegeli

capture of wild finfish fry in mediterranean coastal areas and possible impact on aquaculture development and marine genetic resources